Time, Eternity, Despondency

Writing about time, eternity, and despondency

Why are we here? How can we lead meaningful lives on this side of eternity? What is the meaning of mortality?These are the questions that drive my writing on time. I most often approach these inquiries through a historical and theological lens, particularly the practical and ascetical theology of the Eastern Orthodox tradition. I strive to do so in a way that speaks meaningfully and hopefully to the human condition.

Here are my three most well-known projects. 

Time & Despondency: Regaining the Present in Faith and Life 

Idleness. Apathy. Restlessness. Procrastination. These are symptoms of what early Christian theologians called despondency (acedia), a spiritual sickness rooted in a lack of care or effort. My book traces understandings of this condition and time-honored stepping stones back to a place of healing. In regaining the sacredness of time, we re-encounter the Resurrection of Christ in the dark and restless moments of our lives.

(Ancient Faith Publishing, 2017)


Time Eternal Podcast

My podcast explores the beautiful and the difficult aspects of time on this earth. It is the first podcast to be exclusively devoted to the intersection between time and lived Christian faith. In attending to the role that time plays in our lives, we can begin to heed St. Paul’s instruction to “redeem the time” (Ephesians 5:16).


Time Eternal Blog

Like the podcast, the Time Eternal blog probes the theological depths of life in time. On the blog, unhampered by the production needs of a podcast, I’m able to reflect more from the trenches of “real time.” No topic is too difficult or untimely to be addressed on the blog. 


In praise of Time and Despondency

In Time and Despondency, Dr. Roccas applies the writings of Evagrius Ponticus to our always-on, distraction-laden world. You might be tempted to think you don’t struggle with despondency. But it turns out it’s the blight that plagues us all. This might be the most relevant, practical book you read this year.

Michael Hyatt

New York Times Bestselling Author
Host of “At the Intersection of East and West” Podcast

What Dr Nicole Roccas has done in this book is remarkable. I highly recommend this book to all–to pastors, parents and counsellors working with people who are struggling with anxiety and despondency, to small groups looking for a highly readable book for edifying study and spiritual growth, to anyone affected by the malaise of human life not lived to its potential.

Fr. Geoffrey Ready

Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College (Toronto)

This book has been life-changing! Time and Despondency has been most profound thing I have read in 20 years!

If you struggle with what it really means to be “present,” I encourage you to read this book. The insights and practical advice shared by the author are outstanding.


Amazon.com reviewer

Contributions and Guest Posts

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