The Best Things I Learned in 2019 (#FastTipsFridays)

The Best Things I Learned in 2019 (#FastTipsFridays)

The new year is here, but it’s never too late to look back with gratitude on the past! Celebrating the tough and rewarding lessons of 2019.

  • Life is better without Netflix on my mobile devices. Since deleting it from my phone in October, I’ve gotten better sleep, read more books, and appreciated more quiet than I would have.
  • Life is better with weekly social media sabbaths. In November I began disconnecting from social media on weekends. It’s made them more relaxing, productive, and rich with time spent with others.
  • Life is better with Fitbit. I started wearing a Fitbit in July and it has been the single best change I’ve made in my life all year. It’s been a huge motivator to stay more active and check in with my body rather than getting too sucked into the mental work of writing.
  • Life is better with executive functioning skills. In 2019, after my husband was diagnosed with adult ADHD, I began recognizing some of my own executive function deficits. While I don’t have full-blown ADHD, seeing this weakness in myself represents an opportunity to learn new skills in 2020. (Google “executive dysfunction” if you’re interested.)
  • Life is better with friends. This year I’ve been able to nourish stronger bonds with local friends. It takes more work and effort to connect in person, but I am more grateful than ever for the gift of community.  

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