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Writing on Wednesdays festive cover with ornaments

Writing for the Holidays (Ep 034)

Nicole and Sarah share strategies and tips for writing during this very crazy season, plus a new transcription tool and Nicole asks for Sarah’s forgiveness on a calendar-related matter. Resources we mention in this episode: Otter.ai Dr. Katie Linder, Think Write Revise Podcast, ep. 87 (https://www.drkatielinder.com/twr87/) #AmWriting episode on How to Use a Burn Chart:…
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Creative Crosstraining (Ep 026)

Fun ways to keep those creative muscles fresh without even breaking a sweat (unless you want to!).

Writing Retreats At Home (Ep 025)

This summer, Sarah did a mini writing retreat at her home. Here’s how she did it, why, and how you can create something similar for yourself. Join the conversation in the Writing on Wednesdays Facebook Group! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/WritingonWednesdays/)  Until next week, Nicole Roccas – www.nicoleroccas.com Sarah Bereza – www.sarah-bereza.com

Writing With Depression: Why I Kicked My Daily Morning Writing Ritual (on Purpose)

***This post is part of the Writing with Depression series on this blog. Do you have an experience to share about writing with depression or other mental health issues? Submit a pitch for a guest post here!*** When trying to be a “real” writer (whatever that means), the most common piece of advice is to…
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Writing a Non-Fiction Book Proposal (Middlesode)

Sarah shares how she wrote her non-fiction book proposal over the course of 8 months (she’s not a full-time writer!) and gets into the specifics of writing in an industry where authors pitch directly to publishers, not agents. Resources we mention in this episode: “Start Here: How to Write a Book Proposal” by Jane Friedman …
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Ditching My Laptop Saved My (Writing) Life

Listen to the podcast episode here: https://www.nicoleroccas.com/018-2/ The other night, I popped in my earbuds and proceeded to type nearly 700 solid words of a book chapter. Not so extraordinary until you add the following: I managed to do this during the peak of my evening commute. While standing up. On a moving bus. Packed…
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Boundaries for Writers: What are they and why are they important?

I will never forget that week. After a speaking engagement that had been draining in every possible way, all I wanted to do was catch a quick flight home and lay in bed for weeks. Instead, I sat through a 13-hour layover in a city only 2 hours away from where I lived, and then…
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