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What I Talk about When I Talk about Lust

Brothers and sisters, this morning I committed the sin of Lust. On Zoom. In front of colleagues. Unashamed. It was hot. It was sensuous. It was a Tim Horton’s double-shot cappuccino. Accompanied by an apple fritter. It was lust in the fullest sense of the dictionary definition: “a passionate or overmastering desire or craving.” Clearly…
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Starting with Gluttony: An Ancient Sin in a Modern Des(s)ert

Whenever early ascetical writers like Evagrius and St. John Cassian refer to the 8 Evil Thoughts, they invariably list gluttony first.  Why? Because it is the most unavoidable and thus universal of sins.  Other temptations can be tempered by cutting oneself off from their source. If your right eye causes you to sin, well, you…
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Time and the 8 Evil Thoughts: A Lenten Journey

What if we could talk about sin outside the strictures of fear and judgmentalism?