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The 5 Best Quotes about Accepting Reality as It Is (#FastTipsFridays)

Accepting reality as it is–without struggling to change or avoid it–is one of the hardest things in life! These are the five quotes I come to again and again to remind myself that there is transformative value in embracing the reality we have been given at each point in time…  “If you really want to…
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“When I write–joy!” Alexander Schmemann on Writing

I’ve recently begun re-reading the Journals of Father Alexander Schmemann (1973-1983). Schmemann, if you haven’t heard of him before, was a highly influential scholar of liturgy and sacramental theology who died in 1983. He wrote from an Eastern Orthodox perspective, though his work is read and loved by Christians of many traditions. His journals, I’d…
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Give Me a Break: Highlights from July in Wisconsin

Wisconsin isn’t perfect but there is something about it that makes me feel whole