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Susan Cushman

This is Me Speaking Out: Susan Cushman on #CreativeUncertainty

We can’t save lives (medically speaking), we don’t put out burning buildings, we usually aren’t very rich or powerful. So what role do writers play in an era of change and uncertainty? This is the first question my friend and fellow author Susan Cushman tackles in this week’s installment of Creative Uncertainty, a series of…
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Hope as a spiritual discipline?

This blog, and all my other writing, has grown quiet since the early days of COVID-19. Back when the narrative of it all seemed easier to trace. As the weeks and months have unwound, words–meaningful ones, at least–have dried up. I haven’t written much because frankly, I haven’t had much to say. And perhaps the…
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33 Simple Truths for a Complicated Time

It’s been, for all of us, an immensely difficult time. The pandemic. The police brutality. The tragedy. And above all that, the fighting, not-listening, the social confusion. And by “difficult,” I mean disorienting, heart-wrenching, soul-crushing, deadening. This last week, for me at least, it got to be a little (ok, a lot) too much. As…
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