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Reclaim Your Life from the Screen with these 5 Books

The 5 best books to fight distraction and engage mindfully with digital technology.

5 Tips to Improve Executive Functioning

How to get better at planning, scheduling, and follow through.

The Best Things I Learned in 2019 (#FastTipsFridays)

The new year is here, but it’s never too late to look back with gratitude on the past! Celebrating the tough and rewarding lessons of 2019. Life is better without Netflix on my mobile devices. Since deleting it from my phone in October, I’ve gotten better sleep, read more books, and appreciated more quiet than…
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Reframe Harsh Criticism: 5 Fast Quotes

Happy #FastTipsFridays! Every writer (and human being) knows the sting of harsh criticism. There’s a difference between biting attacks and constructive feedback, but even when you know that difference it can be difficult to reframe hurtful words. Here are 5 quotes I return to during those times. “There are too many people today who instead…
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How to Cultivate Gratitude Every Day: 5 Fast Tips

You can never cultivate enough gratitude! This week’s #FastTipsFridays topic was recommended by an Instagram follower. Enjoy! At breakfast, visualize what you anticipate will be the most stressful part of your day. What is one positive thing that could come of that situation? What is one aspect you can look forward to? Once a day,…
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How to Get More Light This Winter: 5 Fast Tips

What do you do to get more light throughout the day winter? Here are 5 Fast Tips that help me…