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Stability of Place: Seeking God in Close Quarters with Benedict of Nursia

The consensus among the handful of us who were huddled into the small college chapel that night at St. Michael’s College in Toronto, waiting for the vesperal liturgy to begin, was that were worshiping on borrowed time. Only hours earlier, in response to mounting concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, the president of our university had…
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Writing on Wednesdays title cover with Sarah Bereza and Nicole Roccas

You know how it’s hard to be grateful? (Episode 045)

We recorded this before COVID-19 became a big deal, but gratitude is more relevant than ever! In this episode we talk about the connection between gratitude and writing, Nicole’s new gratitude journal, plus Sarah shares a tip about Instagram and we both talk about books we’ve read recently. Books we mention in this episode: Nicole’s…
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Finding Calm in COVID-19 (Middlesode)

Looking for a calming refuge from the dizzying developments around the COVID-19 pandemic? This Middlesode is for you. Settle in for instrumental music, a soft discussion about what COVID-19 lockdown looks like in Nicole’s neck of the woods, and an extended reading from Viktor Frankl’s famous book, Man’s Search for Meaning. How are you doing…
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#ThisCovidLife Book Giveaway on Instagram

Library shutting down? Toilet paper out? I can help with the former but not with the latter 🙄 Enter to win an ebook or audible copy of either #TimeandDespondency or #UndertheLaurelTree by posting a picture or quote that best sums up your life right now with the hashtag #ThisCovidLife! The funnier the better and the more the merrier. This Giveaway…
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