Starting July 24: Restore Group Coaching Program

Starting July 24: Restore Group Coaching Program

Restore group coaching

Things have been quiet around here lately… because I’ve been busy working on THIS!

Has trauma or similar wounding experiences chewed holes through years of your life? 

Check out Restore, a six-week group coaching course uniquely tailored to individuals in the Eastern Christian community (including Eastern and Oriental Orthodox jurisdictions as well as Eastern rite Catholic). This course provides a safe and life-giving space where you will have the freedom to re-imagine the years the locust of trauma has eaten, connect with others wrestling with similar questions, and gain practical tools to integrate healing with your faith together. 

The program will be facilitated by me, a certified trauma-informed coach who understands the unique needs and perspectives of Orthodox Christian trauma survivors. We’ll combine strategy-based approaches with historical Christian practices to help you navigate your healing path. Through a comprehensive workbook, weekly group sessions, and other growth opportunities, you will gain tools, strategies, and connections to help you more fully enter into the life-giving, mysterious work of allowing God to restore the years trauma has consumed.

Imagine the encouragement of connecting with fellow Orthodox who have experienced similar struggles, sharing your stories, and supporting one another. Together, we will explore ways of integrating our faith into the healing process, drawing hope and resilience through historical Christian beliefs, traditions, and rituals. Limited spots are available, so reserve your place now and experience the transformative potential of this unique group coaching course.