Have traumas or other wounds consumed years of your life?

RESTORE is my newest group coaching program. It’s a 6-week trauma transformation journey that’s uniquely tailored to individuals in the Eastern Christian community (including Eastern and Oriental Orthodox jurisdictions as well as Eastern rite Catholic). This program provides a safe and life-giving space where you will have freedom to grieve the years the locust of trauma has eaten, connect with others wrestling with similar questions, and embark on a journey of restoration together.

Imagine being able to connect with fellow survivors who hold space for both the darkness of trauma and the hope of the Resurrection.

Guided by a certified trauma-informed coach who understands the unique needs and perspectives of Eastern Christian trauma survivors, RESTORE combines strategy-based approaches to trauma healing with historical Christian traditions and practices. Through a comprehensive workbook, weekly group sessions, and other touchstones, participants will acquire opportunities and empowerment to more fully enter into the mysterious work of allowing God to restore the years the locusts have eaten.


What you’ll learn

The curriculum, online forum, and group sessions of this program provide active participants with opportunities to develop:

Develop Insight

into how trauma has affected their mind, body, and soul, and how we might integrate trauma healing with a lived Orthodox faith.

Gain Tools

for navigating distressing situations with greater peace and hope.

Anchor in Community

with fellow pilgrims on the journey towards wholeness and unity with Christ.

Program includes


A virtual swag bag of goodies and tools to help you prepare for the Restore.


These sessions will be conducted over Zoom on Thursday evenings (7-8:30PM ET) from July 24 to August 29, 2023. Participants are also granted access to view-only recordings of each session until September 21, 2023.


The comprehensive curriculum of this program helps participants build on basic skills through weekly exercises and reflections.


All participants are granted entry into a designated online community space hosted through MightyNetworks to connect with one another between sessions.

About your coach

Hi! My name is Nicole Roccas. I’m an author and certified trauma-informed coach based in Hamilton, Ontario.

I completed my trauma-informed coaching certification in 2021 through Moving the Human Spirit. Between group and individual coaching, I’ve helped over 100 clients recover their capacity for freedom, safety, and connection in the wake of trauma. I grew up in fundamentalist-leaning Evangelicalism and was received into the Orthodox Church on the Feast of Annunciation 2011. 

I’m also a trauma survivor myself. I know the crushing scourge of trauma, but I also know the mysterious beauty that happens when we cooperate with Christ to restore the years trauma has laid waste to. I am still on the healing path, and I strive each day to partner with Christ in that journey.

You can find more about my coaching work, as well as my writing and academic training, below.



Who is Restore intended for?
While the program is open to all, it is specifically formulated for the needs of: – Survivors of trauma or similar lifes wound who identify with Orthodox, Oriental, or Eastern Catholic Christianity
– Survivors from other denominations who would like to integrate their healing with historical Christian rituals and practices
– Survivors of spiritual trauma or religious abuse who desire a non-judgmental, resurrection-oriented space where they can re-engage aspects of their faith in safe ways

Will I have to share details about my trauma  experiences (or hear others’ accounts of theirs)?

No. Discussion and sharing portions of the program will be moderated using trauma-informed best practices to guard against graphic or open-ended recollections of trauma that may cause further distress to participants.

What if I’m not Orthodox?
While Restore was conceived of to address the unique needs and perspectives of Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Eastern-rite Catholic Christians, anyone who is open to exploring trauma from this perspective is welcome.

What if I can’t make the weekly sessions in real-time?
Group coaching sessions will take place via Zoom on Thursday evenings (7:30-9PM Eastern). All participants will be given viewable links to session recordings that will be valid until September 21, 2023. There will be many additional opportunities for learning and growth outside of real-time sessions! Most of the heavy lifting “work” of the program will be conveyed through the workbook.

This program appeals to me, but it’s not the best time for me to participate. Any recommendations?
I get it! Good for you for identifying your needs and limits instead of trying to push past your capacity. If right now is not the time, I have a growing number of one-off talks and other products in my store that explore topics pertaining to trauma healing and Orthodox faith. Find my store here.

Choose your plan

Enroll by July 5, 2023 for 15% off the total program fee! Use coupon code “RestoreEarly23” at checkout. 

NOTE: Both program fees include all the same materials and benefits, but the installment plan allows you to pay in two installments spaced one month apart. 

All prices listed in USD.

installment plan

$110 x2

Two installments spaced one month apart, for a total of $220.

  • Weekly sessions
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Session recording links
  • Supportive online community
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Client Testimonials

What others have said about working with me…

I’ve been blessed to be introduced to your work and only wish I’d found out about your group programs sooner. What you do is so important and so needed in our church communities. I look forward to participating in future programs!

Group coaching participant

Spring 2023

My decision to work with Nicole Roccas has been one of the best personal and professional choices I’ve ever made.
Through the trauma-informed coaching process, I not only resolved the initial issue I set out to address, but there was significant improvement in another key area as well. As a result, my home environment greatly improved, and I completed a major professional milestone ahead of deadline. I would highly recommend Nicole Roccas as a thoughtful and perceptive guide with helpful, inspired insights and approaches to explore the lingering effects of trauma.  

Individual coaching client


Through coaching with Nicole, I have been able to look back on a painful period of my life and find the ‘glimmers’ of goodness. I’m also strengthening my dream that by God’s grace my experience can be life-giving for myself and others. Now I’m starting to look at being vulnerable and asking for help as opportunities to grow in humility. The Lord used these sessions to heal bits of my soul and mind. Thank you, Nicole, for offering this ministry.

Individual coaching client

Spring 2022

This was so well done; I will continue recommending your work to others. I especially hope clergy will seek out your expertise.

Group coaching participant

Fall 2022

What I valued most was everything. It is difficult to say only one thing. Helping people to understand that being honest with ourselves is very important as we pray. You gave so many helpful examples and direction in regard to this. Thank you.

Group coaching participant

Fall 2022

Nicole, thank you again for all the work you did–the workbook, group facilitation, engagement with group members… This is one of the best experiences I have had.

Group coaching participant

Spring 2023

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