I’m starting a new podcast with my husband!

I’m starting a new podcast with my husband!

Have you ever doubted? Do you ever feel like you’re leading a double life, split between the faithful pilgrim in the pews, and the burned-out, faithless failure who secretly wonders if God is even there? If the answer is yes, you might enjoy the podcast my husband and I are launching with Ancient Faith Radio.

On Help My Unbelief (listen here or wherever you get podcasts), Basil and I approach doubt not as the great enemy of faith but instead a meaningful part of becoming human.

Even though we’ve been working on this venture since late spring, it just so happened that Ancient Faith released our trailer of Help My Unbelief on our fifth wedding anniversary, August 30, 2019. How fitting that is, because in a lot of ways this project is the fruit of our entire relationship together, journeying together through the valleys of faith and despair, clarity and despondency.

Getting married on Aug 30, 2014. Basil was praying, I was… staring at something.

But don’t assume this is all doom and gloom. We plan to laugh a lot because that’s how we roll…

We are excited to continue learning together–with all of you and with one another–what it means to live out the bold and faith-filled words recorded in Mark 9:24: “I believe, Oh Lord, help my unbelief.” Listen to the podcast on Ancient Faith Radio or wherever you get podcasts! https://www.ancientfaith.com/podcasts/helpmyunbelief


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