How to Cultivate Gratitude Every Day: 5 Fast Tips

How to Cultivate Gratitude Every Day: 5 Fast Tips

You can never cultivate enough gratitude! This week’s #FastTipsFridays topic was recommended by an Instagram follower. Enjoy!

  1. At breakfast, visualize what you anticipate will be the most stressful part of your day. What is one positive thing that could come of that situation? What is one aspect you can look forward to?
  2. Once a day, express appreciation for something a loved one has done but without using the word “thank you.” Sentence starters: “It made me ___ when you ___ because __.”
  3. Freeze! Sometime during your day, freeze and quickly list 20 tangible things around you that you can be grateful for. Then move on. 
  4. At dinner, think of the worst situation you encountered during the day and one tiny reason you can be thankful it occurred.
  5. Keep a gratitude journal and record three things you give thanks for at the end of each day.

What do you do to cultivate gratitude every day?


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