“Nimble”: My Word for 2020

Avoid inflexible expectations, be open to change, and hustle gracefully.

5 Tips to Improve Executive Functioning

How to get better at planning, scheduling, and follow through.

Writing, Grieving, and Recovering: Notes to Self by Emilie Pine

I’m three quarters through Emilie Pine’s evisceratingly well-written collection of personal essays and I can’t remember an author who’s made me cry this much…

11 easy ways to become a healthier writer

11 Easy Ways to Become a Healthier Writer

One of the hardest parts of being a writer is being a healthy one. From sedentariness to solitude to stress, the creative life is filled with unseen workplace hazards. Here are some ways to become a healthier writer a few minutes at a time… 1. Incorporate movement in 5-minute bursts Instead of aiming for some…
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The Best Things I Learned in 2019 (#FastTipsFridays)

The new year is here, but it’s never too late to look back with gratitude on the past! Celebrating the tough and rewarding lessons of 2019. Life is better without Netflix on my mobile devices. Since deleting it from my phone in October, I’ve gotten better sleep, read more books, and appreciated more quiet than…
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220 for 2020! And Other Reading Goals

An ambitious reading goal for an ambitious year!

My Top Reads in 2019

2019 was such a great reading year for me, I’m sad to see it go. I’m on track to make my Goodreads goal of 75 books, but always find it difficult to decide what my favorite books were in any given year. I read in so many different genres, from picture books to academic nonfiction,…
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Writing on Wednesdays festive cover with ornaments

Writing for the Holidays (Ep 034)

Nicole and Sarah share strategies and tips for writing during this very crazy season, plus a new transcription tool and Nicole asks for Sarah’s forgiveness on a calendar-related matter.

How to Read More (#FastTipsFridays)

It’s December–time to make good on those Goodreads goals we set last January! This week’s #FastTipsFridays are a collection of the strategies I use to keep reading high on my list of priorities. Be clear on your WHY(s). Why do you want to read more? What would reading more add to your life? What are…
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My Top 10 Listening Experiences of 2019

It was too hard for me to narrow things down so there are actually way more than ten items below. This is what addiction looks like.