Creative Cross-Training: Genealogy

Last month, I submitted my latest book manuscript to my publisher. I still have to get through the editing process before it’s published later this year, but like many writers, I’m already thinking about what book to work on next. The problem is, I’m not one of those authors who can just jump right into…
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Under the Laurel Tree: The Story of My Next Book

Four years ago, I found out that something I assumed would be a given–something I had grown up staking my heart on–may never come to be.

The Best 5 Books I’ve Read This Summer

My favorite thing to do during the summer (besides eating ice cream, finding a lake to swim in, drinking chilled white wine against a setting sun, etc.) is to “go to bed early,” by which I mean pretend to be tired at 8:30 PM but secretly lay in bed for three hours reading FUN BOOKS.…
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Give Me a Break: Highlights from July in Wisconsin

Wisconsin isn’t perfect but there is something about it that makes me feel whole

We’re Going on Summer Break, Plus Strategies for Work-Related Writing

This is our last episode until the fall! We’ll miss you! Check out our episode archives here:  On to today’s episode… When you’re writing for your job, start with your why–why do you write for this organization? What’s the purpose of your writing, for you and for them. 4 Challenges in Work-Related Writing You…
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Writing a Non-Fiction Book Proposal (Middlesode)

Sarah shares how she wrote her non-fiction book proposal over the course of 8 months (she’s not a full-time writer!) and gets into the specifics of writing in an industry where authors pitch directly to publishers, not agents. Resources we mention in this episode: “Start Here: How to Write a Book Proposal” by Jane Friedman …
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When Writing *Isn’t* Your Day Job (Ep 019)

If you’re writing without a boss or editor setting parameters or waiting for your draft, how do you cultivate motivation and momentum? Writing for yourself (not your job) requires self-direction and a focused sense of why you’re writing. Sarah and Nicole share about their work and non-work writing and what keeps them on their writing…
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AFCon: My Favorite Writing Conference in Photos

This past weekend, I got to travel to my favorite writing conference: the semiannual Ancient Faith Conference for Writers and Podcasters. I’ve been going to this conference since its inception in 2016 and this year spoke on strategies to spice up your podcast. The conference was held on the beautiful grounds of Antiochian Village, an…
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Ditching a Laptop Saved My (Writing) Life (Middlesode)

The other night, I popped in my earbuds and proceeded to type nearly 700 solid words of a book chapter. While standing up. On a moving bus. Packed to the brim with other commuters. How did I write under these circumstances? In short: with a tablet. In this episode I talk about why I ditched…
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Ditching My Laptop Saved My (Writing) Life

Listen to the podcast episode here: The other night, I popped in my earbuds and proceeded to type nearly 700 solid words of a book chapter. Not so extraordinary until you add the following: I managed to do this during the peak of my evening commute. While standing up. On a moving bus. Packed…
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