Writing on Wednesdays title cover with Sarah Bereza and Nicole Roccas

Writing About Difficult Topics (Ep 41)

Racism, death, money, faith: if it’s a difficult topic, we’ve probably written about it. Along the way, we’ve learn some valuable lessons on vulnerability, self-awareness, and accepting that criticism is usually not about us.

5 Tips to Get People to Stop Talking to You on a Long Flight

This week’s #FastTipsFridays is mostly just for laughs… Although as an introvert who travels a fair deal, I’ve employed more of these tips than I’d like to admit publicly. 😜✈️

The What to Read Shop

Introducing the New “What-to-Read Shop”

Hi friends! Just stopping by to let you know I’ve added a new feature to this site. I’m calling it the “What-to-Read Shop.” Basically, it’s a place for writers and book lovers with curated reading lists of top 10 books around particular topics my audiences tend to enjoy. These are books I find myself recommending…
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Writing on Wednesdays title cover with Sarah Bereza and Nicole Roccas

Time Blocking for People with Crazy Lives (MIDDLESODE 040)

Say hello to the single best strategy for countering distraction and boosting time- and energy- management throughout your day

Picture of gratitude journal cover

A Journal of Thanksgiving Now Available!!

Photo credit: My dad | Bob Lyon Photography Happy book launch day to the gratitude journal I helped create with Ancient Faith Publishing! Enjoy these lines from the Introduction of this beautiful journal… Dear fellow travelers, One evening a handful of years ago, deep in the throes of a spiritual desert, I found a notebook…
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A Free Template to Streamline Online Book Reviews

It happens to me all the time. I read an amazing book, one that fills me with all these rich experiences and thoughts that I want to tell the world about it. But when I head over to Amazon or Goodreads to write a review, I’m like a deer in headlights. My mind goes blank,…
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5 Ways to Combat Loneliness

Happy Valentine’s Day! This week’s edition of #FastTipsFridays is about combatting loneliness as individuals and in our communities. Loneliness and social isolation have reached epidemic proportions! How do you build connection and relationship into your social fabric?

Writing on Wednesdays Episode about Indistractable

How to Be an Indistractable Creative (Ep 039)

Is canceling all our social media accounts and throwing away our smartphones the only way to beat distraction? Talking about Nir Eyal’s helpful new book, _Indistractable_.

5 Ways to be More Nimble (Fast Tips Fridays)

Nimble is my word of the year (more here)! These are some of the aspects of nimbleness I’ve been reflecting on and trying to put into practice…  Change plans without changing priorities. Be flexible about the route you take toward achieving goals without sabotaging the intended destination. Be responsive (rather than avoidant or impulsive) to…
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The Opposite of Distraction: 3 Things I Learned from Indistractable by Nir Eyal

“The opposite of distraction is not focus but rather traction.” – Nir Eyal