A Tale of Two Book Launches (Ep 030)

At the time this episode was recorded, Nicole was days away from the release of her second book (in realtime, it’s already here!). She compares the strategies she used to launch her first book with what she hopes to do differently this time around. Plus, a tip and tool from Sarah about appointment software. Resources…
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How to Get More Light This Winter: 5 Fast Tips

What do you do to get more light throughout the day winter? Here are 5 Fast Tips that help me…

3 Ways to Support Couples with Infertility in our Communities

Know someone dealing with infertility and not sure how to help? Here are three ways to be supportive!

Routine Reset (Ep. 29)

Do your routines need a reset? Sarah shares how she has changed her routines to suit a new season of life. Even when routines have served us well, they don’t necessarily serve us forever (especially with a busy holiday season around the corner). Join the conversation in the Writing on Wednesdays Facebook Group! Until next week,…
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Evergreen Content (Ep. 28)

Three strategies for making the most of your evergreen content. Plus, how to identify what makes content evergreen, and how to decide when to create evergreen content. Resources and Reads Nicole’s Leke Sky bag Jennifer Polk’s Twitter What to Do When Someone You Love Is Depressed by Susan K. Golant and Mitch Golant Blueberries for…
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No Pregnancy in Heaven: Infertility and Theological Anthropology

It’s been a crazy week! A reminder that anyone who comments on blog posts this week (besides the crazy spammers selling Viagra) will be entered in a giveaway for my new book! And on that note, if you’re interested in the topic of infertility grief particularly as it pertains to faith, make sure to check…
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Mystery, Shadow, Cross: 3 Things Infertility Has Taught Me about Motherhood

Infertility is a unique vantage point to grapple with the meaning of motherhood! I was so glad when Sarah Wright​ at Orthodox Motherhood​ invited me to write a guest post today on her lovely blog because it was the perfect place to reflect on this. Here’s an excerpt: Christians believe that the world was changed…
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Introducing: Under the Laurel Tree

At long last, my newest book has made its way into the world! Find it here. A handful of years ago, my husband and I sat in a doctor’s office and were given some news that has forever changed us. Infertility is one of those things you think you understand until it enters your life…
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3 Things Infertility Taught Me about Writing

In honor of the book’s imminent release, I thought I’d kick the week off with a reflection on three of the many things infertility has taught me about writing.

Abundance Mentality and Generous Writing MIDDLESODE (Ep 027)

Battling fears and scarcity mentality? Lean into generosity to cultivate more abundance in your writing life!