Author: Nicole Roccas

cover of Eternity in the Midst of Time book

Introducing: the Time Eternal Book Club

Looking for a good way to spend your time and renew your spirit this summer? This August, during the Dormition Fast, I’ll be hosting the first-ever meeting of the Time Eternal book club! Join other Time Eternalites in the quest through time, eternity, and the faith in between as we read and discuss Eternity in…
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coil of rope

A “Slackness of the Soul”: Finding Hope in the Existential Time Warp of Acedia

 I was honored to contribute an essay by the above title to the Summer 2021 issue of Vita Poetica. Here’s a taste: The unnerving part about living through a time of change is, well, the change of time.  Life-altering events—whether personal or global—have a way of unhinging the present moment from what came before and…
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Time Eternal Podcast cover

Belated Announcement: Time Eternal is back!

This is a few weeks overdue but I just wanted to let folks know that I recently brought the Time Eternal podcast back out of hiatus! Recent episodes include: “Is Self-Care a Waste of Time?” (Air date: Wednesday June 30, 2021) “Overfunctioning in Time” (Air date: Wednesay June 23, 2021) “3 Ways the Pandemic Altered…
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Icon of the HolyMyrrhbearers

Where Christ Waits: A Reflection on the Sunday of Holy Myrrhbearers

“And very early on the first day of the week they went to the tomb when the sun had risen.” (Mark 16:2) It’s hardly a coincidence that the first witnesses to Christ’s resurrection–the women1 who brought myrrh and spices to anoint Christ’s body–were those who voluntarily drew near to the work of grief. But it…
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Sabbath and Jubilee Years: Reflecting on Leviticus 25

I’ve often wished for a return to the practice of sabbath and jubilee years.

What I Talk about When I Talk about Lust

Brothers and sisters, this morning I committed the sin of Lust. On Zoom. In front of colleagues. Unashamed. It was hot. It was sensuous. It was a Tim Horton’s double-shot cappuccino. Accompanied by an apple fritter. It was lust in the fullest sense of the dictionary definition: “a passionate or overmastering desire or craving.” Clearly…
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Starting with Gluttony: An Ancient Sin in a Modern Des(s)ert

Whenever early ascetical writers like Evagrius and St. John Cassian refer to the 8 Evil Thoughts, they invariably list gluttony first.  Why? Because it is the most unavoidable and thus universal of sins.  Other temptations can be tempered by cutting oneself off from their source. If your right eye causes you to sin, well, you…
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40 Days with Isaiah 58: A Scripture-Memorization Journey and Other Resources for Lent

In the Orthodox Church, Lent starts in just three days! If you’re like me, it’s difficult to know how to bring the Lenten spirit of prayer into one’s daily life–like the actual moments and activities of life. I’m prone to compartmentalization–checking the prayer part of my life off the list and moving on to the…
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Writing to Show Hospitality: Luke Gilstrap on #CreativeUncertainty

This guest post by Wichita-based poet and writer Luke Gilstrap is a continuation of the Creative Uncertainty series. Every other Wednesday, I ask a writer or artist to stop by the blog and share with us about the role uncertainty plays in their creative life. If you’re interested in being a contributor, check out the Submission Guidelines.…
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Time and the 8 Evil Thoughts: A Lenten Journey

What if we could talk about sin outside the strictures of fear and judgmentalism?