About me

I’m Nicole. 

I’m a writer, podcaster, and communications professional at the intersection between faith and the “tough stuff” in life like mortality, time, infertility, doubt, and grief. I grew up in Wisconsin, did my graduate work in Cincinnati, and lived in Germany for a few years before settling down with my Greek-Canadian husband in Toronto in 2013. Along the way, I converted to Eastern Orthodox Christianity, received my PhD, and began writing and podcasting. 

But beneath the veneer, life isn’t always easy. From a young age, I’ve been fascinated and haunted by the deep, answerless questions of existence: why do we die? What is eternity? What is the purpose of suffering? 

The more time that passes, the more the particularities of my own circumstances are layered onto these perennial questions. In my writing, podcasting, and speaking, I seek to bridge the hope and meaning of faith with the reality of suffering and grief.   

I also thrive on coaching other writers in their writerly journeys. I’ve worked with writers in a variety of nonfiction genres – from monographs to memoirs – produce and sustain their best work over time.  Working with me means working with someone who gets it – but who isn’t afraid to give you that gentle push to move beyond what you think you’re capable of.  

I have my PhD in European History from the University of Cincinnati and live in Hamilton, Ontario. 

About My Coaching