5 Boundaries Every Writer Should Have (Ep 009)

5 Boundaries Every Writer Should Have (Ep 009)

Writing on Wednesdays title cover with Sarah Bereza and Nicole Roccas

In their bestselling book on the topic, Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend write that boundaries “define what is me and what is not me.” Effective boundaries help us take ownership of our identities and responsibilities, engage with what’s good, and safeguard ourselves from what’s destructive.

We readily acknowledge the importance of boundaries in other areas of life, but what about when it comes to creative work? What are good boundaries for writers and how do we set them?

In this episode of the Writing on Wednesdays podcast, we engage this important topic across five areas:

  • Boundaries with yourself
  • Boundaries with your audience
  • Boundaries with friends and loved ones
  • Boundaries with your work
  • Boundaries with stakeholders (editors, publishers, agents, etc.)

Plus, Sarah shares a tool (Feedly!) we both use to curate and collect blog-based reading material, and we both share an update on our respective writing lives.

What do boundaries mean for your writing life? Have you ever had to set more conscientious boundaries to safeguard your creative work? We’d love to hear about it!

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