The One Rule for Organizing Research Notes MIDDLESODE

The One Rule for Organizing Research Notes MIDDLESODE

Writing on Wednesdays title cover with Sarah Bereza and Nicole Roccas

Sarah shares how she organizes her research notes, starting with the number one takeaway: research notes go in one place, and one place only.

Resources we mention in this episode:

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2 Responses

  1. Leslie Ayre-Jaschke says:

    Sarah has some great ideas in this podcast—thank you. Do you put the notes as documents in Scrivener’s Research binder for each writing project? I’d love to see a screenshot.

    I’m struggling to figure out how best to use Scrivener to organize for family history writing. I have some stuff in Scrivener (Windows), some in OneNote, some in Dropbox, Zotero … Not well-organized at all!

    • Nicole Roccas says:

      Thanks Leslie! I saw you also commented in the FB group, so welcome! I think Sarah answered your question there.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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