Headspace for Writers: Mindfulness and Creativity (Middlesode)

Headspace for Writers: Mindfulness and Creativity (Middlesode)

Writing on Wednesdays title cover with Sarah Bereza and Nicole Roccas

Do you struggle with restlessness energy when trying to manage creative work? Has stressed slowed your writing to a standstill? Do you find yourself on auto pilot in work and life? Headspace might be the app for you!

In this week’s middlesode, Nicole discusses her recent experiment with the Headspace app, the “personal meditation guide, right in your pocket.” Although she tried it on the recommendation of her physician as a way to manage anxiety, it’s had some unexpected benefits in her writing life. In particular, it’s helped her maintain better focus by stilling the restless energy (anxiety?) of creativity, it’s a way to stay grounded and present during speaking engagements rather than going on autopilot mode.

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