Making Mental Space for Writing (Ep 003)

Making Mental Space for Writing (Ep 003)

You need mental space. So how can you shape your life to create more of it? Think about these five areas and how they can be a friend – or a foe – to your mental space: time, location, attention, emotion, and other creative projects.

Resources we mention in this episode:

Michael Hyatt’s concept of the “Ideal Week”  (

Join the conversation in the Writing on Wednesdays Facebook Group! (

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  1. Heather says:

    I found these thoughts on making mental space really helpful, and a good balance to the other writing podcast I listen to (which is more focused on craft as such and not on actually getting to sit down and write). It helps that you acknowledge the ways in which writing time needs to fit alongside all the other stuff that needs to go on in life.

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