Welcome to Writing on Wednesdays! (Ep 001)

Welcome to Writing on Wednesdays! (Ep 001)

Today marks a new beginning: one of my best friends, Sarah Bereza, and I just launched the first full episode of our new podcast together, Writing on Wednesdays (listen above or subscribe wherever you get your podcasts).

Sarah (and my face) recording the first episode of the Writing on Wednesdays Podcast a few weeks ago.

“WoW,” as we like to call it, is a weekly podcast that focuses on building a healthy and sustainable writing process from beginning to end, but mostly in the middle.

In this episode, we discuss what inspired us to start the podcast: our 10+ year friendship that has revolved around writing, our mutual passion for self-improvement and refining processes, and this quote from Scott Belsky’s book The Messy Middle: 

About Sarah and Me

Sarah and I met at church while we were both graduate students at the University of Cincinnati. Since then, we’ve been writing with each other, literally across the globe (3 countries so far!).

Sarah and I both have our own blogs and podcasts already. If you’re a fan of my work with Ancient Faith, you might like to check out Sarah’s blog and podcast, where she shares resources and insights for professional church musicians across denominations.

Sarah’s been after me for a year or two about doing a podcast together. I’m thrilled we finally landed on an idea that combines the strengths of our friendships and professional pursuits! Now, we get to invite you into our on-going conversations about our creative work.

It’s been such a joy prepping this podcast behind the scenes and now sharing it with you.

This Week’s Focus Question

What do you do WELL in the messy middle of writing?

Share your strengths in the comments below or join the discussion in the WoW Facebook group! 


3 Responses

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  2. Heather says:

    What I do that really works for me is two things:

    1) I stay away from the computer. I do my best messy-middle writing very messily on actual paper with an actual pen, often scrap paper so that I feel no cost whatsoever in making mistakes. I don’t know why but the computer really jams my thought process, so I use it only for typing up a revised draft.

    2) I’ve found Lisa Cron’s Story Genius method really helpful for writing narrative. I discipline myself to go back to her recommended methods, and that structure/discipline really releases a lot of creativity.

    • Nicole Roccas says:

      Hey Heather! I totally relate to going analog. I go through phases where I need to do that, too, to move fwd in a project. For me it’s usually in the outlining or brain dump cycle of writing–then I need to switch to computer to really start hammering out the draft.

      Lisa Cron’s book is on my to read list for 2019! Can’t wait. Are you a fiction writer? I’m nf and curious to see if her work helps me, because I tend to use narrative structure to convey ideas/information.

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