Spiritual writing for the hardest questions in life…

In writing, podcasting, and speaking, I seek to bridge the hope and meaning of faith with the reality of suffering and grief.


When I was seven, my dad turned forty, prompting within me an existential crisis over the brevity of life. Thus began a life-long fascination and horror with time and mortality that stil compells my writing decades later.


My husband and I are one of the 10-15% of couples who suffer from infertility. A growing portion of my writing is devoted to finding meaning and marital satisfaction in the turmoil of infertility grief.


Every week, my husband and I get together and hold space for conversations on doubt. It’s become an entertaining podcast and budding community of folks who believe faith is not about avoiding doubt but finding meaning in it. 

Strategies for Writers

 My blog merges the real challenges of a writer’s life with actionable strategies.   

The future of hope in a brave, new-normal world

The future of the workplace. The future of democracy. The future of news. The future of the economy. The future of truth. The headlines that swirl around me toll the[…]

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Freedom from meaningless and other things hoped for

If hope is a spiritual discipline, what is a spiritual discipline? Short answer: a spiritual discipline is a practice or virtue that is intentionally engaged over time to foster spiritual[…]

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Hope as a spiritual discipline?

This blog, and all my other writing, has grown quiet since the early days of COVID-19. Back when the narrative of it all seemed easier to trace. As the weeks[…]

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